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    Default I 10 vs. I 40 PHX to STL

    I am traveling back to St.Louis from Phoenix this summer. I have traveled the I 40 numerous times and I am ready for a change. Is the I 10 worth it and how are the highways?

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    Default I-10, I-40, or I-70.

    I-40 is the most direct route, but that's probably why you've been on it before. 1511 miles, 22 hours.

    I-10 is OK; in the west, desert country, and the farther east you go (I-20, I-30, etc), the more it looks like Texas... oh WAIT! That's because it IS Texas (grassy, hilly country)! It's the farthest and longest of the choices -- 1710 miles, 28 hours.

    If I had my choice of THREE interstate routes, and I didn't want to use I-40/I-44, I'd go north into southern Utah and pick up I-70 north of Moab all the way to STL. This has the added attraction of Monument Valley and the Canyonlands area, and I-70 through Colorado, which is a beautiful drive. Distance: 1676 miles, 25 hours.

    Another option -- have you thought about using federal or state highways instead? US60 to US54 to US50 is a particularly nice and direct route (probably the shortest distance of all of them), in my opinion. It's slower going, of course, and a more laid-back drive! Distance 1488 miles, 26.5 hours. Bob

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