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Thread: Ice chest

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    Default hardside vs softside coolers???

    I'm on a 7 month road trip and right now I have a huge hard side ice chest that's taking up a lot of needed space in my car. There'll also be times when I won't have acess to a frig to refreeze my dry ice. Will a smaller soft sided cooler keep my 2 packs of dry ice cold just as long as my hard side cooler? In other words, what better at keeping things cold; hardside or softside coolers?

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    Default Xtreme

    If you need to keep your ice cold for extended periods of time, I highly suggest you check out the Coleman Xtreme. It comes in various sizes. I have friends who have camped with it in 100 degree heat for up to a week in the desert and, as long as you don't leave it open or continually open-and-close it, their block ice is still about 1/2 intact after a full 7 days. In order to do this, they don't keep things like pop in it where you are opening it up quite often but, rather, meats and other perishables and then they open it only a few times daily and do it fast.

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