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    Default Thanks for making my stay a good one.

    I have just come back from the most memorable vacation ever.I am a brit and have always wanted to have a driving holiday in the states,Well, I have just returned.
    I found the experience amazing.
    I hired a Mustang convertible from Hertz and spent the next two weeks covering over 2000 miles around Illinois,Wisconsin,Indiana,Ohio,and Michigan just cruisin and playing the radio with no particular place to go!.
    I didnt do the normal tourist hotspots but visited the small towns that were not even on my map staying in cheap motels along the way.The food was plentiful and the service was 100 %.You have a gret country and I will never forget my time there.

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    Default Come back!

    Don't be a stranger! You've only seen a little bit so far -- next time come to the southwest and we'll show you some real mountains and red rocks. Come back again! Bob

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    Default Cool!

    Glad you had a good time -you've been to two states I haven't (yet) - if you had any really interesting experiences, please share!

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    Default Next time -- the Great Plains.


    Thanks for writing and sharing your experience. Were there any particular discoveries you can tell us about? The USA is a huge country, it would take a lifetime of holidays to see, so we hope you will be able to return and do some more cruising!


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