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    imported_Roger Troy Guest

    Default Northeast road trip

    I am planning a trip from Cocoa Beach to New Bruswick, Canada in June. Would appreciate things to see (mild hiking, mountains, lighthouses etc + cheap motels) in Upstate NY, VT, NH, Maine and Western Nova Scotia. I will be driving from Niagara Falls east to Portsmouth, NH, up to Bar Harbor and the ferry to Nova Scotia, just to give you an idea of the areas I will be traveling through. I have all the time I need and plan to stay off of X-ways as much as possible.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Must Sees

    -Fredom Trail in Boston is a walking path with historical places, buildings, etc

    -Hiking places : White Mountains especially Mt Lafayette (NH), Mount Kathadin (ME) (reservations needed, or arrive very early in the morning)

    -Light Hiking : Mégantic (Qc), Sutton (Qc), Orford (Qc)

    -Nice places : Percé (Qc), Bar Harbor (ME), Cape Cod (MA), Knowlton (Qc), North Hatley (Qc)

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    imported_Kathy Guest


    A trip to upstate NY would not be complete without stopping by Lake George. A beautiful 32 mile long fresh water lake in the middle of the adirondack mountains.
    The village is nice for a stopover (hotels, etc) but further up north is breathtaking.

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    Melanie Guest

    Default Northeast Road Trip

    If you plan on driving up the coast of Maine there are a zillion beautiful, scenic side trips to take that are off of the Pike or I95.

    Here are a few suggestions from a local: First stop; Ogunquit which is a tourist town but very pretty; walk the Marginal Way which is a mile long easy walk along a cliff that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean to the east and delightful summer cottages to the west. Great restaurants; shops; and beautiful, wide beach. There is an exit off the Pike for Ogunquit.

    Next head north on 95; take the rt. 1 north exit; and then take the exit to Popham Beach. The drive down the peninsula is beautiful. Take road down to Five Islands where there's a great lobster shack with beautiful views out to sea.

    Further downeast take the Boothbay Harbor exit off route 1; stay a night or two. The Ocean Pt. Inn (6 miles out of town) is in a fabulous location with breathtaking views of waves crashing on the rocks, 4 lighthouses,and quaint turn of the century summer homes. Make sure to take the boat trip out to Monhegan Island where there are 200 ft. cliffs overlooking the ocean with possibilities of spotting whales.

    After couple of days in BBH, head back out to route 1 till you're in Rockland. Walk the mile long jetty out to the lighthouse and watch the sunset over the Camden Hills. Visit the Farnsworth Art Museum which has an abundance of great art from Homer, Fitz Hugh Lane, the Wyeths, and other great local art that focuses on the sea. Shortly thereafter you'll find yourself in Camden, a beautiful town at the base of the Camden Hills.

    Take the short drive up to the top of Mt. Battie to catch the breathtaking views down to Camden and out to Penobscot Bay and the many islands beyond.

    Last, head further downeast towards Deer Isle and Stonginton, which is truly authentic Maine with a smathering of good but definitely not pretentious restaurants, a few galleries and shops, and lots of scenic drives. Take the mailboat out to Isle Au Haut and maybe stay at the lighthouse inn for a night. Or stay at the Inn on the Harbor B&B in Stongington.

    I could go on and on about Maine. Have summered on the coast here for almost 25 years and now live here year round and I never tire of its beauty.

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    Default Stonington Harbor


    Thanks for the excellent tips and suggestions. Maine is one of our favorite places on earth (in the summer). Black fly season is a bit tough for us and winter is a bit challenging too.

    By any chance, have you spent much time at Stonington Harbor (Deer Isle)? If so, do you know the shop "Purple Fish Gallery"? We would love to know if Evelyn and Jan Kok are still there. <a href = "">More here</a>.

    Thanks for the ideas!

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    Roger Troy Guest

    Default THANKS!

    Just wanted to send a big Thank You to everyone for all the great info. It is very helpful to hear from people who have been there and it sure makes the trip planning easier. I will actually use most, if not all, the tips. Thanks again

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    I had a wonderful time on my first Maine vacation last summer, and am looking back to returning in June and probably every year hereafter! Maine is very special.

    We had a great experience camping near Boothbay Harbor at Gray's Homestead campgrounds. They offered inexpensive rental kayaks, and we paddled straight out of the campground to Burnt Island lighthouse for a walk, picnic lunch, and a quick swim, and then right into town.

    I also enjoyed a walk around Bath, which seemed to be holding its own despite rough economic times for New England mill towns. WE stopped in "Judson Gallery" and met an amazing artist, and had great fun poking around "Reny's", which was like a reincarnation of the Woolworth store I grew up with.

    One great quirky stop off Route 1 was in, I think, Waldoboro--the Maine State Prison store. It's exactly what it sounds like -- a store filled with wooden objects crafted by people in Maine state prisons. Lots of bargains, and definitely not the same old tourist memorabilia!

    There is so much of Maine to explore. Looking forward to following the board for more good tips!

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    kristy Guest


    Federal Jacks brewery in Kennebunkport has great beer and food. If you stop in Bar Harbor the Jordan Pond House is an excellent restaurant. Thier Popovers with strawberry jam are heavenly. I have friends who have a house in Wells Maine right above Ogunquit. I agree with the other posts, it is a beautiful area. My friends live right on the rachel carson preserve and go kayaking through the waterways. I dont know if you can rent them anywhere near the preserve as my friends own thiers but it would be worth looking into.

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    Melanie Guest

    Default Deer Isle

    Hi Editor :),

    Just read your travel log. Sounds like you guys met alot of fun people and had a wonderful time.

    Yep, Maine is beautiful and the people are so warm and friendly. Re: Big Al's: I go there all the time as it's only about 30 minutes from where I live. And yes it's cheap, but then there's so much neat stuff there, that you end up spending more than you plan on because you can't resist the bargains!

    Have also been to Blue Hill and the Liros Gallery. Beautiful stuff there and the people are so knowledgeable and helpful. I spent about an hour there one time discussing Russian Icons with a fellow there. The subject was asbolutely facinating.

    Anyway, you asked about Deer Isle and Stonington. I've been there a few times; once by sailboat (have cruised the Maine coast in the past)and a couple of times by car. It's one of my most favorite places to visit on the coast.

    However, though I was just there last summer, I'm only vaguely remembering the gallery you mentioned. Not sure if it's the same place I'm thinking of. Don't think it was open at the time (I was strolling the streets around sunset; am an amatuer photographer and that's a great time to take pictures with the beautiful light generated then).

    In any case, I'll be spending a weekend there this summer (wish I could spend more than that!)and will check out the place and post back to you about it. If it's open and it's the same people you mentioned running it, I'll tell them you guys said hello!

    Btw, if you ever head this way again, let me know and I can recommend Inns, Hotels, restaurants, pretty drives, neat antique shops, etc. if you like.


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    Cynthia M. Heckman Guest

    Default Evelyn Kok

    Was researching Evelyn Kok. I recently met her while in Stonington, Maine. Yes she is still there in her gallery. On October 5, 2004, she joined the passengers and crew of the schooner Stephen Taber for our lobster bake. She was a family friend of our captain Noah Barnes. Purchased a handpainted bookmark from her and spent time talking with her in her shop and on board. She also sang some songs for us after dinner. She is quite a character. Her husband was out of town and could not join us. I was researching her to see if I could find out any info on her career as a medical text book illustrator for a friend of mine who also had a privious career as a medical text book illustrator.

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