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    In August on a Sunday afternoon I'll be attending a concert in New Jersey till about 7pm. I'm debating wether then to drive to Manhattan and park in a parking garage for 24hrs in the theatre district and leave Monday around 6pm for Hershey, PA. or drive to the train station in Metropark and board a NJ Transit to take to Penn Station and take that back Monday evening . So it's driving VS NJ Transit basically. Getting out of town Monday should be easier too by taking the train instead of driving. What do you think ?? Give me some tips or ideas. I'm from the west coast where we don't have these decisions !!!

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    Default How much do like urban driving?


    Personally, I like the thrill of heavy, urban over-the-top driving. If you like the challenge of beating that taxi to the open lane -- then I would suggest driving in Manhattan. If such driving doesn't strike you as fun... then by all means use the transit option.

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    Default Getting to NYC

    If you are going to concert in NJ why would you want to drive & park in Manhattan? Unless you want to see the sights there. Where is the concert? At Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford?

    You can get cheaper hotel room in NJ. The parking garage in Manhattan is very expensive.

    The traffic is really bad in NYC & also can be bad in NJ in the East Rutherford area. Did you know you can go to Weehawkin & take ferry to Manhattan. They have car parking available there. NJ has some nice hotels in East Rutherford area as well as Weehawken/Hoboken area.

    I have lived in Northern NJ all my life & drive that traffic all the time. Just try to do it outside of the commuting hours. Many NJ people work in NYC & many from NYC work in NJ. The rush hour starts around 7-7:30 AM & probably until 6:30 - 7PM at night.

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