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    imported_Caroline Guest

    Default Summer road trip from Maryland

    We are a British family planning an RV road trip from Maryland through Virginia to North Carolina.

    In the UK, we have a great website, totally free of charge - -
    which lets you put in your start point and end point and gives you detailed directions, plus details of the distance and likely time of your proposed journey.

    Is there something similar in the USA? I can sit and look at my road atlas all day but it wn't tell me how long a drive will likely take, and I have a young baby so it is important to know how long we will be on the road each day.



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    imported_Justin Guest

    Default US map websites

    any of these should work

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    Default Distance calcs

    I have noticed, using these WWW sites, that the assumed average speed is 65mph, which is usually not feasable.

    The first thing to do is to decide which sites you are interested in seeing, and what kind of drive you would like, because a mostly Interstate trip can be very different from a US and State route trip.

    You've picked an historic part of the country to explore - enjoy!

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    Default Atlas

    When you do hit the road in the U.S. you may not have access to the web and you might want to change your plans or you might want to check to see how far a little side trip is. What you can do is pick up a <a href = "">Rand McNally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas</a> when you fill up for gas (Pilot, TA, etc.) It's designed for truck drivers, but they have a detailed Mileage Directory in the back (the regular atlas only has the MAJOR cities on it). It has the distance between every good sized city in the US. Take the number and divide it by 52 (this number varies, but 52 is on the safe side).

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