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    Jeni Guest

    Default where to go?

    We road tripped for the first time last summer and had an absolute blast. Nothing went according to plan, we got lost, met some interesting folk, ended up needing 1/2 of what we brought, etc.

    I am just looking for suggestions on destinations or routes. Last year we went through SD to WY to Yellowstone to Montana and back through ND. We like lively towns, scenery, camping, people...we live in Mpls so no big cities please.

    We've got about 10 days...any ideas?

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    Christine Garst Guest

    Default Wisconsin and Michigan

    If you haven't already decided, I would recommend driving up to Duluth, then into Wisconsin to Bayfield/Madeline Island, and on to Upper Peninsula Michigan. Lots of charming small towns on the lake. Door County Wisconsin is also worth a trip.

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Around Lake Superior!

    With the time that you have, you might stretch Christine's suggestion to also include a run around Lake Superior -- there's beautiful scenery, hiking, camping, attractions, everything EXCEPT big cities! Use the search function on this site, and plug in Lake Superior, and there will be quite a few responses in a thread from last fall. Bob

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