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    My BF and I are planning to drive to Phoenix AZ and back to Long Island NY with 2 small dogs. We have approximately 21 days. We're planning to stay in Page AZ for 2 days.Phoenix for 5 and the Great Smoky Mountain area for 2. I would love to see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon but heard it is closed till May. Is it closed regardless of weather conditions? Would seeing the Louisiana plantation area and the bluegrass area of Kentucky be possible in the time frame? What would be the best stopover for the Great Smokies? Any suggestions for the best routes to take would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default GC North Rim

    The Arizona Dept. of Transportation website states that Highway 67 between Jacob Lake and GC North Rim is closed until May 14th.

    If you haven't done so before, I also recommend a drive through the Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon area on SR89A, and a visit to Jerome, AZ, a quirky old mining town clinging to the side of Mingus Mountain above Cottonwood and Clarkdale, AZ. If you go to Jerome around lunchtime -- be sure to eat at the Haunted Hamburger -- a great place at the top end of town near the Grand Hotel. They serve the world's BEST and biggest piece of chocolate cake! It'll serve at least 5 people!

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    Default page

    For information on the grand canyon, try this website: You're also very close to Lake Powell. If you haven't been there, you might enjoy it.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    thanks for the information about Jerome. I remember my brother-in-law talking about it. We'll plan it in our itinerary.

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    The South Rim will do fine. I've been there years ago but Chris has never seen the Grand Canyon. The web-site was a great help. Thanks

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    Default One more suggestion

    A couple of years ago, I was disappointed not to be able to reach some of the North Rim overlooks because of "controlled burn" forest fires -- set by the Park Service or BLM and that got out of hand.

    Instead, I re-visited South Rim and for the first time, used the services of one of the air tours at Grand Canyon Airport (it was about $75 for a 45 minute flight). I am a pilot and have overflown the GC many times -- but not at such a low altitude. I highly recommend an air tour as a unique and spectacular way to "experience" the Canyon.

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    Hi, thanks for the info about the Grand Canyon. We'll be returning via Interstate 10, stopping at El Paso,San Antonio,with a stop in between.Not sure yet. We'd rather see some scenic drives in Louisiana;especially the antebellum homes, rather than New Orleans. Any suggestions?

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