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    Default Cheap flights

    Can anyone tell me of any good deals they know or companies/websites that offer good flight deals. Basically I want to fly out to one destination (possibly Las Vegas) and fly back from another (possibly New York or miami).

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    Default Strategy

    My strategy is to use as many different sources as possible -- I usually start with and then I check the websites of some of the specific discount airlines -- usually for me that's Southwest Airlines in my part of the world, but there are others as well in other parts of the USA -- JetBlue (?), TED (United's new discount carrier), etc. One note; I've never found a better price on any other site than I have found on Travelocity, unless an airline is running an otherwise unadvertised fare sale -- you can't get tickets for Southwest on Travelocity, for example, you have to go to Southwest's own website. You're not going to find deep discounted fares on one-way tickets, but you should be able to find reasonably low fares. I never use or other name-your-own-price services like that because you cannot choose your own schedule or flights, and the extra savings isn't worth the inconvenience for me.

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    Default I agree

    RoadTrip America has been a re-seller of air fare, car rentals etc. for a few years and normally I would urge you to use our Travel department -- except in these days of shortened margins we can not effectively compete with the Expedias of the world.

    There are however, a number of budget travel services that spend virtually 100% of their time looking for those niche deals. One of the best is

    Have fun!


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    Default cheap flights

    My sister and I are driving from San Diego (where she lives) to D.C. (where our parents live), but I live in Chicago ... so I needed a flight from Chicago to San Diego and a flight home from D.C. to Chicago. After searching all the websites and typing in various configurations of dates, I found the cheapest way for me to go was to actually buy an ADDITIONAL ticket from San Diego to D.C. that will make my trip seem like a round-trip. I just picked a random flight on a Wednesday during the time while we are driving, which I obviously am not going to use. Use the multi-destination feature on Orbitz, let's say (that's the site I went with), and type in flights from A to B, then B to C (the leg where you will be actually driving), then C to A. I saved at least $100 over two separate one-way tix.

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    S Guest


    Normally I'd suggest an open jaw ticket, which is fairly inexpensive. It's no more expensive than a round trip (half the price coming from one segment, half from the other.) But the main restriction is that the destination airports have to be closer together than your originating airport (i.e. home.)

    Where will you be flying out of? If the States, you could try Southwest which has reasonable one way fares. You could also try buying two roundtrip tickets and throwing away a half of each.

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    Steve237 Guest

    Default beat all the above mentioned sites for me this time - I just booked two internal flights within the USA and they brought the cheapest prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve237 beat all the above mentioned sites for me this time - I just booked two internal flights within the USA and they brought the cheapest prices.
    They are good to get an overall idea of what prices are like, but VERY frequently once you find the flight you want, going to the airlines website directly lets you get the ticket for even cheaper.

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    capaivi Guest


    I've been using or, which have provided cheaper results than any other websites.

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