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    upcoming trip - my options are 50 across WV or alt 40 across MD. after either of those i head up/over to pittsburgh. can anyone make a case for one over the other?

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    Hey, I live in Mineral co, WV and have taken both roads a number of times. I'm not sure where you're starting from, but if you're within proximity of 40 you could take interstate 68 for the easiest drive. If you're roadtripping and want to see some stuff, I recommend WV 50. Both roads cross a lot of interesting scenery. MD 40 is in much better shape. Parts of WV 50 consist of really sharp navigation through steep mountains in Grant county, and those roads have some holes and no longer discernable yellow lines. However, the mountains are beautiful and there are about 5 really interesting towns to see along the way. I personally think 50 is a very interesting drive, and worth the poorish roads and steep mountains.

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    imported_Carol I. Picciolo Guest

    Default U.S. Route 50

    Hi, My husband and I drove U.S. Route 50 between Athens, OH and Winchester, Virginia several years ago. I really liked our drive especially the section of the road which followed the Cheat River. The scenery was lovely. The route passes through a southern section of Maryland and Backbone Mountain. Our destination was Shenandoah National Park. We liked this route so well, that we drove it a second time returning from a Washington, DC vacation. I did not find any portion of this route threatening. However, I will ALWAYS recommend not traveling via an interstate.

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