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    Default Brit looking for advice on first road trip.

    I am from London,England and in less than a month I will be arriving in Chicago where I pick up my hire car for a 9 day road trip.
    I have booked the first night at a motel near Milwaukee but after that I have no idea where I'm going to end up.I would like to have a quick look at Canada but not sure if I will be able to take a hire car across the border.Also what kind of weather should I expect to find mid April?
    Should I pack sun block or thermal underwear,sun glasses or an umbrella?Thankyou

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    Default It depends on the rental contract

    The USA rental car companies have to pay extra $$ for insurance waivers in Canada and so they tend to pass those surcharges on to the consumer (you). If you don't tell them and pay in advance for the trip across the Border the surcharges can be 100% of the cost of the rental!

    Well, on this first day of Spring -- there is heavy snow in the region, although by mid April you should be fine for sun block AND A WARM sweater!


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