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    Default Wireless cards for laptops

    I know there's that new Intel Centrino Wireless Technology. I have a question. Cna I buy a wireless card for the laptop I already have or does this feature only come witht he new laptops? Is there any other way I can internet service while on the road? Any other wireless connections. I've heard something about using dial up through a phone line. How does this work?

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    Default Dashboarding Section a good place to start

    1. The "Centrino wireless technology" is neither new nor completely operational -- it relies on the Wi-Fi standard and although it does tend to work in major airports and most urban cities, it is a no-show in the rural areas of the country.

    2. Wireless cards have been around for laptops since the early 1990s.

    3. Although our <a href = "">connecting options</a> department is a little out of date (sorry) a quick read will answer most of your questions for connecting on the road.


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