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    Daniel Pelegrin Guest

    Default Toronto TO LA

    hey guys,

    im leaving for LA in about 3 months time by myself in my 97 protege. Im 19 years old and wondering if anybody could help me with the actual route to take. Ive used but some of my buddies said to try out this forum to see if anybody would have any better sites or routes to get to LA quicker or maybe easier?...any help would do! thanks alot guys


    ps. this is my first road trip..

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    Default Simple, Direct

    If quick and easy is what you are looking for, there is no substitute for the interstate system. Take the 401 and 402 over to Port Huron, I-69 to I-94 to I-80. I-80 all the way out to Big Springs, Nebraska, and I-76 to Denver. I-70 to I-15 in Utah and I-15 to LA. This is the fastest route. It's a bit over 2500 miles each way, and about 44 hours of driving time. Bob

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    Daniel Pelegrin Guest

    Default thanks bob

    Thanks for your quick reply..i was wondering if you have taken this route before? how did you like it? have any tips? its my first road trip and this forum is my only source of info! any tips would help..thanks!

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    Default Most

    I've driven all of it except the section of 402 from the 401 to Port Huron. The rest of it I'm pretty familiar with in a general sense -- I was a long-haul 48 state truck driver years ago and as such frequently drove the most direct routes between cities and the fastest routes, always, as time is money.

    You'll find the route to be beautiful and interesting, one end to the other, as are most all the transcontinental routes. If you live in Toronto, the route across southern Ontario is just what you're used to at home. Michigan and Indiana are similar, but fewer evergreen trees and more deciduous varieties. Indiana and Illinois, you cross farmland that is dotted here and there with little stands of trees, and the farther west you get, the fewer trees. Finally, as you get into Nebraska, you're on the Great Plains and there's not only few trees, but little water and the wind blows 24/7! You'll be able to see horizon to horizon for 50 miles! It stays like that until you get to Denver, then you climb into the front range of the Rockies -- there'll be forests of pine, fir and spruce, alpine tundra, roaring creeks and even in summer, patches of snow left over. From the Rockies west across Utah, you'll be just north of the red rock country -- and you should take some time to explore there (Zion, Bryce Capital Reef and Canyonlands, at least). In southern Utah, I-15 will go from the forests and red rocks to a high desert route, all the way into LA. So -- the scenery is varied and if you've never done this before, you're going to be awestruck. Even if you have seen it before, like I have, you don't ever get used to it. At least, I don't.

    Tell us more about what you're interested in and how you want to travel -- camping? Motel to motel? Sight-seeing? Etc. Others will have tips for you also. Bob

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    Daniel Pelegrin Guest


    well i actually obtained a J-1 Visa through my school here (York University) and im going to be working in california starting of june. Im mainly interested in getting there safely. Not really into the whole sight seeing or motel to motel gig. I just want to get there quickly...if you can imagine that! if anyone has taken this route maybe you can help me with where to stop and where not to stop. im not too sure what to expect in terms of "bad areas" but im sure as hell want to keep clear from them...any help would be much appreciated

    bob- thanks alot..your info has really brighten my fears of that long road trip


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    Default Plan

    The first day, try to get somewhere west of Chicago, maybe Davenport, Iowa. I'd avoid South Chicago late at night, but it's about the only neighborhood like that on the entire journey. I've been through South Chicago late at night with NO trouble, but it does have a bad reputation. Other places with equally bad reputations are some sections of Detroit and East St. Louis, but the route I've suggested doesn't pass through either of those, and besides, if you are just passing through, you're not going to be off in the bad end of town anyway -- you'll just fly by on the highway!

    Second day, you could try for North Platte, Nebraska; third day Grand Junction, Colorado. From there, Las Vegas, Nevada for the 4th night, and Los Angeles is a short day's drive from there (maybe 4 hours and some extra minutes). These are long driving days, all over 500 miles except the last day. I suggest you keep your options open and drive as long as you feel alert and comfortable -- then stop for the day. It won't hurt to add an extra day if you need to for safety. Besides, you want to ENJOY the drive, right?

  7. Default YYZ to San Diego

    I just got back yesterday. I took the northern route via I80. Made it to Davenport 1st night (worlds largest truckstop). Nebraska was lots of intense tailgaters in Omaha.
    Most senic part is after Denver all way through to Nevada border, especially that small corner of Arizona between Utah and Nevada. From then on pretty boring drive down to SD.
    Took 3.5 days to get there, stops in Davenport, Silverton CO, Beaver UT.

    Way back via I40 stop in Grand Canyon Village, Albuquerque NM, Conway MO, Indy, then home.
    Did it in my 03 Audi A4, a great drive!
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