Here's my plan:

Head east from the Sacramento area on Hwy 50 and I-70. Stop in Springfield, IL to see all the Lincoln stuff. Then to Indianapolis, and up through Michigan on I-69 and 75. Cross into Michigan's UP, turn west, head west through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana. From Montana, dip south into Yellowstone National Park. From there, into Idaho, where I'll catch Hwy 93 to I-80, which will take me back home.

Stuff I plan to see: the Loneliest Road (been on that before), the Rockies, Truman's birthplace in Independence, the Arch in St. Louis, Springfield, and Yellowstone.

Questions for the group:

1. When should I leave Hwy 50 for I-70? I could do it in Colorado, or I could take I-50 all the way to Kansas City, Missouri.

2. What are good things to see on my route between Springfield and Yellowstone? Once I leave Springfield, my route isn't as defined. I have, however, seen Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, and the Custer battlefield before.

3. Is there anything at all worth seeing in North Dakota? Other than Rugby and a monument to the geographic center of North America, which might be out of my way, I can't think of anything.

BTW, I have 14 days or so to make this trip. Any and all suggestions are welcome. The time frame would be June, July or August, depending on some other factors.