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    Default Lewis and Clark Trail

    We're thinking of driving the Lewis and Clark Trail this summer for about three months in our camper/van. Any suggestions for camgrounds, motels, restaurants, activities, or sights along the way? Any good websites or books?

    Also, when does it start snowing in Montana, Idaho and Oregon? We don't want to hit a blizzard when crossing the Continetal Divide.

    Thank you! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Snow?


    There is no guarantee that you won't hit snow any time of the year in the Rockies (it is unlikely but I have been in snow storms a couple of times in July and August in and around the Contintental Divide. In most normal years, snow isn't an issue until after Columbus Day in the Fall.

    There is a new Lewis and Clark utility, it has some limitations, but it does give some ideas about places to explore. <a href = " on">Click here</a?.

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