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    Default 2 weeks and so many places to see !


    I am looking to visit the west coast this summer. I have found all of your posts very interesting and I have got a lot of inspiration of things to see. However, I confused as to what order I should attempt this ! I will be coming from the uk and wnat to do the following. San Fran, yosemite, death valley, LA, vegas, grand canyon and hover dam. Can anyone help me with a rough idea of how what order to this and wear I should start (I've heard that it's best to drive in a certain direction due to the sun possition ?) many thanks in advance for any ideas. I have 2 weeks to achieve it possible ?

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    Default Two weeks

    Time depends on how much you spend in each location -- can this be done in two weeks? Sure.

    If you start in LA, drive up the coast to San Francisco, then Yosemite, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and back to Los Angeles. You could make almost the same trip from SFO or Las Vegas -- just start on the circle at the city into which you get the best airfare.

    As far as the sun, it's not that big a deal. Bring good sunglasses! Ideally, you want to travel west in the AM and east in the PM -- but over two weeks and 2000 miles, it is not possible to have it ideal all the time. Sun position is never a consideration for me when planning for driving, just for photography. You'll get your best shots when the sun is low, either end of the day. Just my opinion.

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