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    Default i need sights

    a friend and i are planning on (we live in Ohio) going out west through Iowa, SD, Montana, Colorada, and back a little south of the way we went. We will be gone 1-2 weeks because we both leave for the military in mid-june. Well anyway, what is there to see. Even stupid stuff like the world's largest yogurt cuip or something? Thanks

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    I can offer some suggestions.

    If I were you, I would definitely take in the Badlands in SD. Iowa? Never really saw too much of interest in Iowa, but I don't live there, so maybe some locals know of interesting sites. I would see Crazy Horse, MT Rushmore, but skip the Corn Palace- you can see the best of it from the highway. But hey, if you like kitsch then go for it!

    I think Yellowstone would be a great choice, and the Tetons. But it may be hard to make reservations for camping or lodging this late. As a scenic drive, it can't be beat!

    Colorado I know well, from living there. Rocky Mt National Park, Estes Park, Pikes Peak- you could take the Cog Railway up to the summit....Royal Gorge Near Canyon City...and off in the real nowhere, there is a castle that one man has been building all his life, with rock and wood he scavenges from the wilderness. Its an interesting site, and no one seems to have heard of it.

    There are so many wonderful, fascinating things to see. Good luck on your trip, and with your enlistment.

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    Default thanks

    Thanks for the advice. I've heard of the corn palace because my dad pheasant hunts in SD every now and then. The castle you mentioned, would you happen to have directions to it or some way for me to find it? It sounds neat and i'd like to stop by if i get the chance. Thanks again for your imput.

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