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Thread: First Road Trip

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    Sarah Rodgers Guest

    Default Advice...please!!!

    My boyfriend and I are planning a cross country road trip (los angeles to ft. lauderdale) for this summer. We are both very young, and a fairly new I just wanted advice on what route to take. We're flying into LA (where he's buying a car) and then driving back to lauderdale. I want to hit durango, colorado (family) and fayetville, arkansas (family) and possibly las vegas and the grand canyon...but I'm not so sure what else. Any suggestions about where to go, what to see, or what to bring would be REALLY helpful...thanks!

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    Default Like to hike?

    Look for information on this site on the southern Utah parks -- they are a red-rock paradise for hiking!

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    Default More info...

    Congrats!!! Road trips are why we're all here. A working automobile with gas int the tank is all you need, however it seems you need more and giving a point on the West Coast and a point on the East Coast with no further details is liking walking into the grocery store and asking the clerk to point you towards dinner. It's there, but he needs details.

    Buy a map of the US. Open it. Trace your finger from point A to point B and find everything that floats your boat. Then explore the details. By the way when you're tracing your finger across the US of A, it's a lot longer between the places than you think.

    Use the "Search" feature and scan the suggestions provided by the incredible people of this board as a stepping stone to creating your own experience.

    You're about to embark on a jorney that many folks don't and never will have and the opprotunity to enjoy and a journey that many of us who post here on this board work all year to afford to take. What do you want to see? Then we got you covered. A couple of things that would help:

    1. Are you staying at a hotel or asking the waitress if she minds if you pitch your tent in the parking lot?

    2. Are you nature folks or city folks? Hotels and nightlife vs. camping and scenery?

    3. Must sees? ("We have to visit my boyfriend's Aunt's sister's apartment that she once rented to the guy who co-wrote the theme get the idea....)

    4. Time frame? Is it a Cannonball Run where breakfast will consist of your boyfriend busting out of the door of a Quik Trip, Bo Duke'ing it across the hood with a breakfast of Ho-Ho's in tow so you can make it to Point B before work on Monday?

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    Default Oh man!

    Did you hafta mention Ho-Ho's? Now I'm hungry again...

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    imported_beth Guest

    Default 1st road trip from wi to yellowstone

    my soon to be husband and i have decided to take a road trip after we get married the first part of june from wi to yellowstone. we have never been on a road trip and we have never been out west. i could use any pointers and directions on the best route to take. thanks

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