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    Default Road trip across US-20

    My roommate and I are heading out on US-20 for spring break starting March 5th....any suggestions/tips/comments for us?? Thanks!

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    Default Route 20

    Where are you coming from (I deduce from your email address that its MI, but that may not be)? Where are you going to? This route runs from Boston, MA to Newport, OR. I've been on many pieces of it from Boston to Yellowstone.

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    imported_Liz Guest


    We are going to follow US-20 from about OH to WY.

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    Default My thoughts on this

    Ohio (as my friend from Cleveland calls it 'the North coast') and Indiana should be good. Once you start closing in on Chicago, you'd be better off with the Interstates. Believe me, the quicker you get through Gary, IN, the better. It is not a pleasant place. We went across the length of IA on US-20 in 1997. Here's an excerpt from a journal:

    <Q>Stuck behind three trailer trucks on Rt. 20 (single lane) RRRR!!!</Q>, though looking at both 1997 & 2003 atlases (atli?), the road is becoming Interstate-quality through much of the state, so this probably won't be a problem for you. It is, however, very flat. One of the niceties is crossing two of the most important rivers in US history, the Mississippi and the Missouri, on one road.

    You can stop at the 'Big Q' cafe in Quasqueton (if it's still there) for a hoot - when we went , the woman opening the place was wondering if her cook was going to show up, decided he wasn't, and started cooking our breakfast herself. In the area is Cedar Rock, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home.

    HTH, Tim

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