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    Default Team Sweden Roadtrip!

    Me and my two Swedish friends are going on a crazy spring break roadtrip from Knoxville, TN, and we are driving out west. The only plans we have so far are Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and hopefuly make it out to california.

    Any tips or pointers regarding where to go, what to do is greatly appriciated. We are looking for some culture and amarican classics(such as grand canyon), but also typical spring break cites for some good times!!!!

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    Default Search for "Grand Canyon"

    Run a search on this website and you'll come up with lots of information on the Canyon. Also, Spring Break is a big deal at Lake Havasu City, AZ. You might want to make that one of your stops.

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    Default Spring Break party cities

    Thanks a lot mate! Is Lake Havasu City the biggest party scene around that area during spring break then?

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