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    Default Canadian road trip

    I hope that my topic fits into this road trip forum – as it is a Canadian Road trip.

    But in Mid-May I am planning on a 1-2 week adventure across southern Ontario and Quebec. We are going to get home before Memorial Day, hoping to miss a lot of the summer traffic, crowds, and heat.

    Right now we don't have too much planned. There will probably be only two of us.

    I want to see Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa, and possibly Quebec City if time permits. And I really want to check out some of the outdoor attractions.

    We might camp. Maybe try a hostel. But trying to keep costs down, we probably won't want to stay in hotels a lot.

    I've been to Windsor Ontario several times and drive through southern Ontario between MI and NY. I am still relatively new at Canadian traveling. However, I am not worried about it.

    So my questions – Anyone know of any "must see's" in my destinations? Places to avoid? Does anyone have experience with staying in Hostels in Canada? If possible any recommendations?



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    Default This is a North American RoadTrip Forum


    You are in the right place -- this forum covers any road trip between the far north and the southern end of Mexico.

    I have been to all of those places --- but it has been a while -- I have to go pull some logs and will be back.

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    Default road trip from wi to yellowstone

    we are planning a road trip for the first part of june to yellowstone and have never been on a road trip or out west so i could use any pointers and directions on the best route out there. any help would be great. thanks

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    Default Mtl-Québec

    I don't know exactly what you would like to see, but if you go to Montreal, you can visit the Old port by foot or renting rollerblades, there's a casino on Notre-Dame Island. Montreal is known for its endless nightlife possibilities, you can dance all day and all night (dance clubs, after hours), or you can go to a jazz/blues bar, an english pub, a comedy club, glamourous lounges, latino dance clubs etc. It's a safe city to go out and not expensive at all compared to other major cities in the US or Canada.

    If you like after hours : Area on St. Denis (ask around)
    Hip-Hop/House : Groove Society (Ste. Catherine/Amherst)
    Latino : Salsathèque (on Peel), Balattou (african mostly) (on St.Laurent)
    Jazz club : Upstairs (MacKay St.) or House of Blues (Aylmer St.)
    Pub/Terraces : St. Denis Street is filled up with those in the summer
    Dance/techno/house with terrace : Sky pub (Ste-Catherine near Champlain), 737 (on the 50th floor of Place Ville-
    Marie near University st.)
    Martini Lounge : Jello Bar (Ontario St.)

    If you like restaurants, there are a lot of all kinds since this is also a multicultural city. If you like French cuisine, I would suggest Le Petit Extra on Ontario Street near Papineau. For cheap Italian cuisine : La Strega on Ste. Catherine near Champlain st. (between 8-13 for a table d'hôte), for the cheapest vietnamese : Pho Ban New York on the corner of Viger and St. Laurent (between 5-8$ canadian), for a good coffee and desert : Kilo on the corner of Champlain/Ste. Catherine or Café République on St. Laurent near Sherbrooke. For a good cappucino Caffe Epoca on St. Laurent near Jean Talon. Parking spaces may be difficult to find especially on weekends, but you can avoid paying 12$ for an indoor parking or meters in downtown by parking in little streets or by going a little up of Sherbrooke st.

    If you like shopping, you'll find plenty of shopping centers in Mtl and around. There a huge underground city in downtown Montreal that you can explore. It's a very fashion city, if you like glamour stuff you can go to Holt Renfrew (on Sherbrooke) and in designers' boutiques on De La Montagne St. If you like museums, I would suggest the underground Pointe à callière museum, the Musée d,art contemporain (Place des arts) and the Museum of Beaux Arts (on Sherbrooke st.) which expose freely their collection. You will see native artefacts, paintings by many quebec artists, etc.

    The road between Qc and Mtl is quite boring, you won't find many interesting things to visit... I suggest you make a detour by the Eastern Townships where you'll find many camping/hiking opportunities and beautiful sceneries. Then, in Sherbrooke, you can take the 55N and in Drummondville the 20East to Qc City.
    to be continued...

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