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    Default Ohio Route 7

    Hello, all!

    I've been reading Heat-Moon's "River Horse", and his me intrigued about the Ohio River, so...

    If anybody's got any, I'm looking for some information on OH-7, specifically
    -->What kind of road is it? (open highway, congested/stoplight/shopping plaza road, mixed bag)
    -->What is the landscape in the area?
    -->Nice towns/places to stop?
    -->Historical attractions?
    -->Any novelty attractions along this route?

    I realize that, as a river road, it may be a little twisty, but that's okay with me. I'd like to get off of the Interstates for a bit on my trip to KY this Summer. When we're there, it'll mostly be state roads.

    Meanwhile, I'll be doing as much 'net searching as I can about it.


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    Default The mounds


    I have driven most of it. Very cool. Indian Mounds in a number of places.

    I will post more later

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    Default Mounds

    Around Moundsville is where I'll probably be starting this leg (most likely off of I-70 West of Wheeling).

    I remember seeing a story about them on television when I was a child and being intrigued. Since that time, my awareness of them has come and gone like a light with a dimmer switch. While I was reading the section in the book about them, I recalled that, and I'm making them a priority visit.

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    Default My memory is like that dimmer switch

    I just wish I could find the manual for the memory dimmer switch -- If you have plan another trip for post Autumn it is much easier to see the mounds.

    When you reach US-50 consider heading up to Athens -- cute little town and the home of Ohio University -- good nightlife and all of that jazz. But the real treat is to go up to the Hopewell Cultural National Historic Park -- (near Mound City) and wander around those mounds.

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    Default Good info

    Thanks for the input!

    I found out last week that a guy I work with (and whom has offered me quite a bit of good travel advice) went to college in Kentucky for four years, and that he had a lot of input about the Eastern area, though he never saw the moonbow (apparently it's a local legend).

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    jesse lamp Guest


    Hey! I live in Dexter city, ohio, so.........

    If you want to, Stop by Marrietta, ohio. It the first settlement east of the ohio river. Its right on rt. 7 so you can't miss it. It's also right on the river, so there are afew ferries and stuff that dock up on occasion. There is also Blennerhasset Island, which is some big tourist attraction. I'm sure you could find info about it on the internet. There's also Fenton glass. You could take a tour of the factory. Its in williamstown or vienna, i'm not sure, but you hit I-77 south into WV and there are signs everywhere.

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the input! I read about Blennerhassett in 'River Horse' and about its owner's relation with Aaron Burr and their wishing for what seems to amount to a new country.

    Strange historical stories around every bend in this country.

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