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    Going on a roadtrip in September and will have a full week to get from Nashville to Connecticut and want to hit some intereting things in Tennessee, Northern Georgia, the Carolinas and/or Virgina. I love factory tours of any kind, items that claim to be the "largest" or the "only" in the world, places with great food especially brewpubs, locations used in movies and NASCAR, I know how to find races, I mean other NASCAR related attractions or places of interest (been to Mooresville and Charlotte, but any offbeat stuff in the area would be great).

    If you need any info about Connecticut, post and I'll reply.


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    Default Oh yeah.

    Lynchburg, Tennessee! I don't know, but the Jack Daniels Distillery there sounds like it may be right up your alley!

    OK, so it is a little off course, but what the heck.

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    I agree. Jack Daniels is a must see. The tour is free. Very interseting and a neat small historic "downtown."

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    You had me at free.

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    Default Nashville

    Lynchburg is cool, but it's quite a drive from Nashville. In Nashville you have the Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame, Ryman Auditorium (first home of the Grand Ole Opry). The Opryland Hotel is a sight in itself. Pres. Andrew Jackson's home (The Hermitage) is here.

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    i agree with JD tour except that smell...the fermentation rooms...ugh! almost unbearable! i did a trip in november that began in Nashville, then down to Lynchburg then up to Red Boiling Springs (scary little town), then into KY, across DB Pkway to Manchester, KY, then the road known as "craft circle" (though we didn't see any crafty places) up and around then down thru Hazard and into Whitesburg (home of - they encourage vistors to stop by), then 23/119 thru Jenkins (cool stop), over to Matewan, then 119 thru WV to Charleston, then hit the Hway back to NYC.

    or from Lynchburg you could go down into GA. about a year...damn, maybe 2 years ago, i went from ATL to Madison GA then straight across 16 to 278/78, into Aiken, SC (stayed in Montmorenci), then took 1 diagonally across the state to NC, stayed in Southern Pines, went to Cameron, Bailey (just inched my way across on various 2-lanes), ended in Rocky Mount, visited Tarboro, then took Amtrak back to NYC from there.

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