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    I was hoping for some suggestions. My husband and I are planning a trip for our 5th anniversary. We are from MI and Chicago is the furthest west he has been. My family prefers to drive, so I have been all over, from the Dakotas to Arizona, coast to coast, and many places in between. We would like to go west, but I am having trouble pinning one route down, because I want to show him everything that I have such fond memories of. If anyone has favorites, I would really appreciate some input. Thanks, sara

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    Default One direction

    Surely, this won't be the only trip you ever take? My suggestion is to pick one general direction and focus on that -- and then plan another one later (if he enjoys it). When are you thinking you might do this one? June or later? Or sooner?

    If it will be an earlier trip (Spring), why not come south where the weather will doubtless be perfect? You could see some of the great sites in northern NM, SW Colorado, AZ and UT. Believe me, there's much more than you can see in one trip in those areas. You could pick one area and saturate yourself with it, or pick two or three and spend a little time in each one.

    If the trip will be in summer, you could head to the northern states instead and see the Black Hills, Yellowstone/Grand Teton, and some other attractions in that neighborhood. The southern options are still available in summer also, as most are located in high country -- and California could be a third option for you. CA is one of the most diverse states in terms of scenic and other attractions in the country -- everything from sunny beaches to alpine tundra. You could spend your entire trip there and not scratch the surface. Just don't plan too much around Phoenix or Tucson after June 1! :)

    Once you decide on a general direction, post again and we'll help you with the specifics if you like. Bob

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    Default Heading west...

    I agree, the Black Hills might work for you. Coming from the east, you get to travel through the Badlands and the Grasslands. Both are amazing. There is this old west town off one of the exits on the interstate and a horse named Duke, from Dances With Wolves, was the star attraction. I saw him a couple of times. Does anyone know if he's alive. Sadly, last time I saw him, he looked like he was getting pretty old. As far ad the Black Hills area, seeing Mt. Rushmore, checking on the progress of Crazy Horse, having to brake for a couple of buffalo in Custer State Park and then heading up to Deadwood for some gambling is as good as it gets. It's one of my favorite areas.

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    Thanks for your replies. I know this won't be the only trip we will take, but because of work, we never got to go on our honeymoon, and when we finally got to go on an extended vacation, we had a five month old baby with us! In essence, this is like a long overdue honeymoon(leaving the kids at home). You've given me some good starting points. As I continue to plan, I will post any updates or questions. Thanks again for the help.

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