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    Anna Guest

    Default Need route from SC to San Diego, then to San Francisco

    I live in Spartanburg, SC....I am moving to San Francisco in 2 weeks, but stopping in San Diego first.

    Can anyone advise on the quickest route to San Diego, and then on to SF? I won't be doing any sightseeing along the way....just want to get there as quickly & safely as possible....

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    You can take I-85 south to Atlanta. From that point you have a decision.

    The course of least regret is to continue I-85 south to Montgomery, then pick up I-65 south to Mobile, then follow I-10 (I-12 to bypass New Orleans) and I-8 into San Diego.

    You can also switch to I-20 west at Atlanta and stay with it until you merge with I-10 in far west Texas. The chances of encountering wintry weather are increased along this route, but only slightly.

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