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    Nori Guest

    Default I need your help :)

    I'm plannning drive from L.A through Flagstaff to Albuquerque in March. I'm a totally stranger there because I'm from Japan. I'd like to know about the weather and road conditions around I-40. I've driven on a snow road in Japan many times, but I'm wodering how's the weather there in March. Any advices and informations would be appreciated.

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    Default March in Northern Arizona and New Mexico

    While we CAN have late snow storms in our high country all the way into early summer, they are not likely and hardly ever result in road closures at that time of year. On I-40, you may find it a bit windy, or maybe wet, but otherwise it'll probably be an easy drive. If it does snow (on I-40 in Arizona), it'll be centered on Flagstaff and may stretch as far west as Williams and east from Flag about 20 miles, maximum. In New Mexico, it may snow around Gallup and Grants, but as you go farther east it'll become rain again. Again, late snow storms are infrequent and usually pretty light around here.

    You won't have any trouble in California. Bob

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    Nori Guest

    Default Thank you!

    Hello, Bob.
    Thank you for the advice. It is a good information and great help of me. Now I can plan the drive around CA, AZ and NM and I'll be able to enjoy it thanks to you. :)
    Thanks again,

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    Default Sure!

    You're welcome, of course!

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