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    Default Jersey to Florida?

    Hello, I am interested in taking a road trip for a week and a half to two weeks with three friends or so. We want to go from New Jersey to Florida or another state on the Southeast coast. Is Florida too hot in the summer or is it managable? Where are some fun places to stop on the way? What's a good place to stay in Florida (or another Eastcoast state) that's cheap, slightly touristy, and a good time? Thanks for your advice.

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    On your way down the coast, one of the most touristy spots to stop is "South of the Border". If you are taking I-95, you can't miss it. There are a million billboards for it, and it is great to stop and have a cone and do some cheap trinket shopping. One of the best places to stop and stay on the East coast is the Savannah, GA area. There is a little island off of the coast called Tybee Island. There are a ton of little kitschy motels and great beaches. Also, if you take I-95, there is Hilton Head Island, SC, which is right at the bottom of South Carolina. You can see the two islands from each other. There is more to do on Hilton Head, but it is pricier. However, since Tybee is within 10 miles of Savannah, there is a ton of stuff to do there. If you decide to keep on going to Florida, Vero Beach is a great place to stay. The beaches are terrific and there are a lot of things to do in the area. You are within a couple hours of Orlando and a few hours of Miami. Kennedy Space Center is on that coast, and the town of Coco Beach is a great place too. The biggest Ron Jon's Surf Shop is there and since it is on the shore, it is cooler in the summer than Orlando or Miami. If you decide to go to Miami, don't miss South Beach. If you like animals, go to Lion Country Safari. Most of it is drive through and pretty wild--my car almost got gored by a rhino! Most of all, have fun--the whole east coast has a great atmospher.

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