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    Agent MADMAN Guest

    Default Rodeo roadtrip, Southbound from St Louis

    Myself and two friends are planning a roadtrip, end
    of may into June. We have 9 nights. So far things
    have gone great and we have a pretty good idea of
    where things are leading, but I thought I would check
    here in case we screw up somewhere... We are party-
    oriented guys in our mid twenties that have a
    surprisingly contrasting appreciation of the nicer
    things too (scenery, nature, buildings, history...)

    Thoughts generally are to head south making stops at
    Memphis TN, Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA, Along the
    coast there to Houston, Dallas, Austin. Rodeo in
    Killeen, and then back up to St Lou through Oklahoma
    City. So we are fairly set for the big things.
    Considering maybe dropping Houston in exchange for
    fun, smaller/less obvious places depending on what
    you guys can turn up...?

    Ideally I would be interested in any small, fun and
    quirky things/places that might exist on this general
    route, that we might otherwise miss....

    Any ideas/comments on this, and the places I listed
    would be welcome... I am just fishing here so far...


    If anyone is interested in Scottish info, contact me;
    I am Scottish and moved over here only a year and a
    half ago...

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    imported_TJ Guest

    Default Memphis

    In Memphis you have to hit Beale St in the evening for some GREAT jazz music. If you're into Elvis, there's Graceland.

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    imported_Sara Guest


    Oklahoma is nothing to waste your time on. You can make it through there quickly!

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    Default You want a list?

    (I'll bet) I can give you 25 different things to do in Oklahoma! Get out a map and take a look! Everything from Black Kettle, Rte 66, Woolaroc, Will Rogers, Roger Miller and Tom Mix. Not to mention the Indian Nations and the Winding Stair Mtns, the NATIONAL WRESTLING MUSEUM, Pawnee Bill and rodeo every weekend!

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