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    Default Road trip - section between S Monica & Big Sur


    Two humorous English ladies doing a Feb road trip from LA to San Fran along highway one. We're sorta stuck because need to find innerestin', unusual place for one-night stay, after Santa Monica and before Big Sur. Somewhere remote along coastline? What's Morro Bay like? Cayucos? Harmony? Anywhere you'd recommend to stay? All help very gratefully received!

    Thanking you...

    Glyn and Poppy

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    Default Solvang?

    Morro Bay is a very pretty place, and that or San Luis Obisbo would be good choices for your overnight. Or...

    Just beyond Santa Barbara, you might visit the village of Solvang. If you check out you can see what it's about. I've not been there, but I've heard it's a great place to visit, shop, etc.

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    Default In a previous life

    Before the wild fire (1993) that led to the launching of this site I lived in Los Angeles and on of my favorite places to go and unwind was Cayucos. I am sure it has grown some in the intervening years but there is (was) a really charming motel right on the beach near the Pier. Live music at the Old Cayucos Tavern.

    The town of Harmony was for sale a few years ago -- we seriously considered buying it -- there are still some artsy businesses and well worth a stop. On the hill overlooking the town is the Harmony Winery -- be sure and stop in.

    Before you get to SLO -- you might enjoy Avila Hot Springs. One of the best road guides to Rte 1 -- full of "insider" places was recently published by Lonely Planet -- more info at <a href = "">Calif Highway One</a>.

    Enjoy the drive -- it is a favorite!

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    Glyn Guest


    You're a very kind man - thanks so much. And thankyou for this website.

    We're currently work-shattered, can't wait to get going. Poppy wants to get me riding a horse, even, though I have persistently told her I have never attempted such a thing. (Bet I do it, though...)

    Very very best


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    Try staying at the Madonna Inn. I think it's in San Luis Obispo, but it's getting late here and I'm losing it.

    It's a really funky place with no vacancies most of the time. It would be cool if you could get in on a cancellation or something. Themed rooms and a very good time from what I hear. Could be dangerous for a couple of cool English ladies ;)

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Glyn Guest


    Thanks for your help

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    Default Deetjens Big Sur Inn

    Are you going all the way to Big Sur --
    cause if you are then I HIGHLY recommend that you stop @ Deetjens Resturant for breakfast or dinner [ no lunch ]

    It's situated on one of the "in" curves of "highway 1" in a canyon canopied with redwoods and if you blink, while going by, you'll MISS it!

    My advice -- DON'T BLINK !! The food is to DIE for and the accomadations are really unique "hobbittsvillerustiqe"

    The service in the resturant is SUPERB and the "atmosphere" is incredible! Dress is "casual" although once when we were there some "bikers" [ NOT the Hells Angel kind ] came in but left, appearing to be uncomfortable in their roadweary condition -- a SHAME because THEY would have been served JUST as well as differently dressed patrons! Have observed this! :)

    ALL in ALL I'd give 5 stars to this place!!

    Do I own a piece of it to advertise it this extravagantly?

    I WISH!! When we tour coast 1 each spring we DON"T BLINK

    Hope you folks have a chance to sample. :)

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