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    David Barker Guest

    Default Im going from Kentucky to....

    Im going from Kentucky to.... Alabama, and we are camping out in a state park there along 65, and then my friend wants to head west and goto new orleans and hit the gulf, and i was thinking more of going to florida, or myrtle beach or the east coast and hit the beaches there. We only have 2 weeks max, which i think should be a good amount of time,what do you guys think i should do? New orleans or the East Coast?

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    imported_LAURA Guest


    What do you like doing more? I've never been to that part of the East coast. But I was just in New Orleans about a month ago. If you like to party, go to new orleans. If you like to sit on beaches, maybe somewhere else would be better. On our way home we drove the Mississippi coast, and it was nice. I'd estimate you'd have to go about 1 hour east of New Orleans to get a nice beach.

    My friend has been camping in the Flordia panhandle and really enjoys it. I have not been yet, but thinking of trying it out sometime soon.


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