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    Default research on maps for recreational use

    I am trying to develop a solution this problem:

    To generate a map for trip with say 4 or 5 clearly marked destinations on a scenic byway. The uniqueness of the map is the level of detail at each destination should be directly propotional to amount of stay at that destination.
    [Ofcourse the trip is preplanned with start & end points and input does include the amount of stay at every point (in say hours).]

    As you guys can sense I am clear newbie in this field and started research on this topic only few days back. I would dearly appreciate if you could provide some feedback on following:

    1> what are resources; you guys are referring to: (in developing a solution for a problem that you have described in the posting)

    2> Is there similar R&D going on simultaneously on this field in other companies or educational institutions that you are aware of:

    3> Any other resourceful websites/ ideas/ softwares which might aid in formulating a solution to these klind of problems that you could suggest


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    Default RTA is!

    On this site, we have an entire department dedicated to looking for such solutions. I suggest taking a look at the
    <a href = "">RoadTrip Planner User Guide</a> page.


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