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    Hi Ya all. I am planning on taking a cross-country road trip from Ma to California. We plan on staying in San Diego for a few days. I was wondering how difficult it would be if we decided to go to mexico for a day. What is Baja California like and what can we expect for delays, waits, customs, and all the other stuff. Do you think it is a stupid idea? If we just planned on going to into Baja California for a quick visit would we need passports? Please Help me!!!

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    I don't know the answers to ALL your questions, but here's a start.

    US citizens don't need a passport to visit Mexico for a day. Carry your driver license, and a copy of your birth certificate. I'm not even sure you need the birth certificate -- I don't think I took mine last time I went.

    You'll find Baja to be an interesting place, so obviously, I don't think it's a stupid idea. I can think of no better way to spend time, than in a quiet, dark cantina in old Mexico on a sunny afternoon with a Tecate in hand and a friendly guy behind the bar!

    If you drive across the border, make sure you buy Mexican insurance before you go -- your American policy will not cover you there.

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    Default Check out John Holod's video

    Baja is land of contrasts and one the most "undiscovered" places in North America, (there several pockets that have touristized but much is left to discover). Most folks think it is all desert -- but it also has beautiful farming areas with lush foilage and lakes and upper level forests.

    A videographer friend of ours has produced a series of travel videos -- more about his Baja California edition is <a href = "">available here</a>. The video was produced for RV'ers but anyone can use the footage to gain a quick new perspective about the place.

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