Hello all! I am driving from Portland,OR to the Kansas City area sometime within the next 1-3 weeks. I am flexible about route, timing and scenic day trips. My deadline for being in Missouri is no later than Feb 28. I am currently planning on going south to the LA area, turning east and heading to Missouri along a southern route stopping at the Grand Canyon. I am interested in advice, ride share in exchange for gas money and any other random comments.

If interested in the ride/gas share you need to know the following:

I am a 26yr old independent feminist. I am educated, fun adventerous, and compassionate. I will be driving a 1971 Dodge Dart.The car gets approx 20 mpg and I am looking for someone to pay half, probably around 150$ to 200$ depending on route we choose(email me with the best you can do if not able to meet this.) The car is in great shape to my knowledge, new brakes, new tires, freshly tuned up, drives great. However, with a vehicle this age I can not promise 100% smooth sailing. So if interested you must have a sense of adventure, a patient demeanor and an understanding that IF something did happen with the car that you would need to have your own way out of the situation.

I am unsure if I am willing to let anyone else drive, it would depend on your age, driving record and my impression upon meeting you. I am also happy to do all of the driving if you are not interested or in driving.

Absolutley, positively no smoking or meat in the car. What you do with your own time in the evenings out of the car is your own business as long as I don't have to smell either :)

I will be staying in hostels and/or cheap motels along the way. I have most of the stops planned with hostels and have already made contact with the owners. I am extremely nice, love to have great conversation as much as I love driving to great music for hours with no talk... I am flexible. The car will be VERY full, as this is a moving trip, so light packing is encouraged. Music! I am interested in all types of music. However my favorites are, BLUES and JAZZ. I also like funk, rockabilly-dixie-blues, limited rap, gospel, techno/dance, folk, some classic rock, and limited country. Music is very important to me and I do have a tendancy to sing along....sometimes loudly :) The car also has a nice Alpine CD/MP3 readable deck and Infinity speakers. Like I said... music is important. PLEASE bring your own music as well.. I LOVE to hear new stuff and expand my mind. So I think that is enough for now to let you know what I am looking for and what I have to offer. Please email me with questions comments and feel free to post advice on route or the trip in general. I am looking forward to a great road trip!