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    imported_Wendy Guest

    Default San Diego to Delaware, Feb., single woman with cats

    I'm looking for some tips on which route to take. I drove out here in January several years ago, but I was with someone. We got on 70 to 44 to 40, then 17 south to Phoenix, and 8 into San Diego. I'm a little nervous about the weather and I'm thinking of 8 to Case Grande, then 10, 20, and 30 straight through TX and into Little Rock. I plan to take 40 through TN, 81 through the Valley all the way up into VA. Then 66 connecting to the Capitol Beltway, and 301 on into DE. I have a few alternates planned, but this looks like the best as far as time and weather conditions. Am I going to hit a lot of mountains on 40 and 81? That sounds stupid, but on my map it looks like they almost cut right through the ranges.

    I'm not too awfully nervous about making the trip alone, but Western TX does worry me a bit. I have a cell phone (already sent my possible routes to several people with plans to check in) and roadside assistance, my car has been checked out, and I'm street smart enough not to get myself into a stupid situation...but El Paso to Dallas still looks like a heck of a lot of nothing!

    Also, it'll be me in a two seater with two cats. If anyone can suggest hotels that allow pets, I'd appreciate that! I've already heard La Quinta is a good chain and they seem to have quite a few locations along my route. The farthest I've gone alone is 8 hours and that was only one day...I'd prefer to stay safe and alert rather than make all my reservations ahead of time. Thanks!

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    Default More or less flat-land


    Your planned route is more or less low-land and valleys. It is possible to get some icy conditions on the pass east of Tucson on I-10. Plus icy conditions will remain a likely possiblity for several sections of the rest of our your route.

    For the most part, I-81 follows the valley floor -- not much mountain influence on that route.

    Personally, I have always enjoyed driving thru Western Texas -- and your route has plenty of towns and cities.

    La Quinta is one of our favorite motel chains -- they are great regarding pets -- although I am not sure how they will feel about two cats (instead of one small dog). You might want to check out our <a href = "">Travel with Pets</a> department.

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    imported_Wendy Guest

    Default Sounds good

    Just wanted to say thanks for the help:) This website is great and I've learned so much just from browsing for a few days. Unfortunately, now I have at least 10 more road trips in mind! I have a feeling my little Honda may be in for a rough year!

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    Default We aim to please

    If browsing RTA has amplified your desire for 10 new road trips -- I'd say we met our mission today.

    Have fun!


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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Hondacars

    And Honda cars can take the heat and keep on humming!

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    imported_steve Guest

    Default from SanDiego to Delaware

    I went out to SanDiego and took like you, 40 all the way to Flagstaff AZ. and I have to say, the mountains in Flagstaff were way cool! I just worried about hitting Elks, never seen an elk, and never want to right in front of my car. But anyway, when it got towards dark, the sun in my eyes going west, I stopped for the night because I was really worried about elk. In the morning, I decided to go south, because of two things, one I was scared of LA, yeah I know what a wussie, but I was.The second, I never have seen the desert very much and this allowed me to see such an incredile part of America, something the tourist books dont let you see, like "Black Canyon City", a sort of retirement place, in the middle of nowhere, but soooo coool and with dead (thank God) rattlesnakes on the road 10 feet long, etc. So I took I 17 AAAALLLL the way down to Tucson, and went to I 8, and took that out to SanDiego
    Another thing, those mountains in California, near SanDiego, are huge! I'm talking about the ones that look like Mars, where nothing is growing and it looks like some giant playing in the sand just piled up all these boulders and it gets higher and higher, and higher.
    My serious advice if you don't want to do the mountains too much, is stay on 8 all the way through to Tucson and pick up I 10, then in Kent Texas, pick up I 20, then in Ft. Worth pick up I 30, then in Little Rock pick up I 40, then in Knocksville, Tn. pick up I 81,then pick pick up I66 in FrontRoyal Va. then pick up I 95 in DC then you're almost home!
    Something to consider, in the spring, this route is right smack in the middle of tornado alley from probably Amarillo Tx. all the way up to I 81 in Va.
    Good luck, and I'm going to do it again as soon as I can. It was one of the best times in my whole life.

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    Default in West TX

    you may want to make a point of going to Marfa

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    Default SNOW CHAINS

    If you'd like to obtain some easy to install SNOW CHAINS
    [ with SNOWCHAINS101 included ] to insure safe journey give the San Diego Highwayman [ me ] a call :)

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    Default Quite a story

    Normally, we are not fond of commercial postings on this forum, but we will make an exception in your case. Keep up the good work!


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    Default SNOW CHAINS message

    Well THANK you Mark! Your support is appreciated :)

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