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    Default Cross country trip: Orange county (CA) to NYC

    We are planning to hit the road in Feb or March. What is the best route (time and weather, road conditions...) to take? Maybe route 40 to N. Carolina and drive up to NYC? We are very concerned with snowy weather dring the trip. Any advice appreciated!

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    If you're driving in the United States in February or March, you're more likely than not to see some snow. Even if you take I-10 across the country and hook up with I-95 North, you have a fair chance of seeing snow on any given day once you're north of South Carolina.

    The good news is that you don't have to flip out if you do see snow, particularly if it's a light snowfall or one that is just starting. The roads won't be too much more slippery than during a heavy rain. Reduce your speed and use common sense. I've driven long distances in steady snow several times, and I've found that 45 mph is a good rule of thumb. Stay in the right lane- some truckers and SUV drivers are nuts!

    The route I recommend is 40-25-70-81-80, but you're least likely to have snow if you take 10 to 95. If you choose the latter, your drive up the East Coast might be miserable. The traffic can drive you nuts near Richmond, D.C., Baltimore, and of course the areas surrounding Manhattan.

    You'll be fine. If you feel unsafe about the weather conditions and you have an extra day or two, don't hesitate to stop for the night. This trip is something you should enjoy, so don't let stress ruin things for you.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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