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    Default Travel issues driving from Detroit, MI to Las Vegas, NV

    Hello all, I have concerns with driving with icy conditions through Colorado and Utah with a 15ft Uhaul truck and car attached. My route takes me through IN, IL, IA, NE, CO, and UT. Should I have concerns with this route. Are there any suggestions on alternate routes? Thanks!

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    Default Ice will start long before Colorado!


    Isn't it icy in Detroit right now? I would think you will be a master a towing your car in icy conditions long before you reach the Colorado Rockies.

    Some folks might advocate for dropping south from St. Louis and proceeding westward on I-40, but as for me I would rather face the snow storms of Coloroado than the ice storms of Oklahoma and Texas.

    Take it slow, get plenty of rest and enjoy the ride!

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