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    robert ron Guest

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    my cousin sister(from singapore) will be in atlanta for four days and she wants to go to orlando,miami and key west and she wants to take some coach or buses if they are available from atlanta.

    Are there any services availbale from atlanta where they pick a person from atlanta and drop you in orlando and then continue to miami and probably key-west?

    any help/info would be greatly appreciated.

    pls. remember flight/car is not an option we are looking for.

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    Default Charter Bus lines

    I did a fast web search, Greyhound and a number of charter bus lines do have routes from Atlanta to Key West.

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    robert ron Guest


    can you gimme the web sites or phone numbers based on your search,please?

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    Chris Flynn Guest


    Yes! The website for Greyhound is:
    Have a great time!!

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