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    Default Making motel reservations??

    I'm planning an 8 month road trip across the country and I like to know that the motel that I've researched will be available when I get there. Will making reservations unreasonably constrict my schedual? Thanks

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    The topic of reservations is well discussed on this forum -- personally I never make reservations at a motel unless a) it is one I have stayed at before and therefore look forward to returning or b) it is located in a town with a scheduled major event that might make it difficult to find a room when I arrive.

    An 8-month roadtrip will (or could have) significant flexibility in the routing and so I would not worry about getting reservations until you arrive in that town/city/area.

    Check the posts on this forum (use the red search button on the top of this page) for tips about getting reduced rate motel rooms.


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