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    Hi, I'm new to Boston and am planning a road trip from MA to Toronto or Montreal in June. I'll have 5 days to make the total trip, is it possible to stop by Niagra Falls on the way? Do you think I can visit both towns Toronto and Montreal within the 5 days? I guess driving up there should take me 6 hours or so. Any recommendations of sights to see? My gf and I enjoy theater, plays, museums, amusement parks, great hole-in-the wall restaurants (mexican, italian, chinese, japanese and mediterranean food) What's the weather like going that way in June?

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    I cannot give you detailed advice about these cities, but I can say that the driving is certainly possible within the timeframe you mentioned. Each leg will take you between 5 and 6 hours, typically, and the weather is usually pretty good in June, although it could be a bit warm and humid. Montreal first, then Toronto. Visit Niagara Falls on your way from Toronto home.

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    What Bob said... :)

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