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    Default Interstate 95 Traffic & Tolls

    Anyone know what kind of traffic and tolls I'll run into driving on Interstate 95 from Providence, RI to Jersey - Atlantic City is where we're headed. I hear the tolls run pretty steep. Any places where I should look out for police? I'm a leadfoot when it comes to driving! Thanks!

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    Default also from RI!

    hey there!! I am also from RI (Burrillville) and I had thought about the same thing. We're heading to South Carolina. so we'll be taking the Jersey Pike and then back on 95. I have heard that it cost around $6 for the whole way. GOOD LUCK!

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    According to the toll calculator <a href=" ">HERE</a>, the trip is 113 miles for the length of the turnpike and costs $6.45 for a passenger car.

    Of course, once you get to the Trenton area, I-95 heads off into PA while the NJ Turnpike continues in the Garden State.

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    Default Thanks!

    thanks for the heads up! $6 not bad at all! someone said i needed to go through new york on the 95 and catch some crazy toll for $12.

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    The GW bridge is free southbound, and I believe $4 northbound for autos.

    Delaware zaps you with tolls too, but you won't be going that far south.

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    Default Flow of Traffic

    Much like the California highways that I travel now, the ultimate rule of the road speed-wise is determined by the flow of traffic on the Turnpike.

    Just use the same common sense that you would in other parts of the country. State Troopers love to chase "jackrabbits". Respect the fact that traffic flows in cells and don't try to leave the front of one cell for the back of another one. You'll be the only car going 81 while the others are going 74, and you'll be pulled over if you're unlucky enough to stumble upon a trap.

    As far as where to look for speed traps, it's not so much specific exits or things like that. I used to hear myths about exits 7-9 being particularly well-patrolled (the stretch that passes near Freehold), but I never noticed anything unusual. I did notice that the traps seem to be in the shoulder rather than the side of the road, and that the patrol cars generally will only chase drivers heading in one direction.

    Best advice is don't do anything to draw unwanted attention, and in the worst case, be respectful if stopped. I got out of a ticket on the "One and Nine" (if you haven't heard of it, don't worry about it...stupid Jersey name for a stupid Jersey road- HEY, I am from New York originally, what can I do?!) so I guess they're not all bad.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    nj turnpike and 95 rip off is the fast way down you can try 295s it ends up at the same place just its pian in the butt some of the times what time of day of the week but its free

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    to any one who need's to go south of nj or get around in this state sorry we are still missing six or seven main
    freeway or highways in this state to make life a little easyer for all (last person to leve form nj please turn off the lights thank you and good luck)

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