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    imported_Kim Guest

    Default Seattle to NY in as few days as possible


    I would like advice on driving from Seattle to NY in late January. In particular, I would like to know how long it would take to drive that distance if there are two drivers to switch back and forth. I would like to cover this distance in 5 days or this possible?


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    Default Speed Run


    It is about 2900 miles from Seattle to NYC. If you drove non-stop (stopping only for fuel) and the roads were reasonably clear, you could make it in 49 hours -- anotherwords just over 2 days. But we would not recommend this level of speed run in the winter!

    If you hit bad weather it could easily add 15 hours to the total driving time.

    If you drove the distance at a reasonable rate -- 8-10 hours of driving per day, resting/sleeping at night it will take about five days.

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    imported_Brandon Guest

    Default Seattle To NYC

    Seattle To New York City is about 2,865 miles. Driving that nonstop I would think we just be impossible. I'd allow at least 3 or 4 days for the trip.
    Day 1 Leave super late at night/early morning and drive all day. Try to make it from Seattle as close to North Dakota as possible. I-90 the whole time. Make it at least to Billings-Glendive, MT or even better, Dickinson, ND.
    Day 2 Try to make it as close to Chicago as you can.
    Day 3 Chicago To NY is a short 800 miles so it's a piece of cake.
    Anymore driving than this and you'll probably end up dead. Winter weather is possible every mile your driving so be prepared.

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    imported_Kim Guest


    Thanks so much for all the has been helpful in allowing me to reassess my trip. There is a strong possibility that I may have to make this trip solo. I have never driven for more than 6 hours straight, let alone cross country in the dead of winter, so the task seems daunting.

    I imagine that the midwest would not be such a difficult drive, but what about through the Rockies?

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    Default Be flexible

    The weather comes and goes. Late January could be stormy anywhere along your route, or it might be dry -- you won't know until the days just before your trip. I never worry about it until it is time to go. You can DO this trip; even if it snows a bit, chances are good you'll still be able to make it through. Just watch closely and delay if there is a major storm predicted.

    As others already have said, don't kill yourself trying to do it too quickly. You can do this in four 12 hour days if things go perfectly, if you're young, strong and indefatigable! Just be aware that you'll probably get more fatigued with each passing day, and it might be easier to spread it out an additional day or two, as well as safer. I think SEA to NY is a beautiful drive -- and this could be really enjoyable if you approach it the right way. Bob

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    imported_Nancy Guest

    Default moving from DC to Bellingham, WA

    I'll be driving a UHaul truck and pulling my car from Washington, DC to Bellingham, WA in late April,2004. Any tips on best routes based on weather then? Good places to stop? Estimated time? Never done this before--been an Easterner all my life! Big adventure.

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    Chris Hoekstra Guest

    Default RE: Seattle to NYC

    Yees it is possible. A friend and I drove Chicago-Vegas and back in four days.

    Good Luck
    Chris Hoekstra

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    Default Bellingham is a cool place

    Congrats on your move to Bellingham. I love that area. I went to school there for 2 years at WWU and, if I had to move, that is one area I would highly consider. You are only about an hour from skiing yet you are also right on the water for those activities. There are tons of hiking opportunities and lakes to play at. Many rivers. Close to Vancouver, BC, and not too terribly far from Seattle.

    As for driving, I can't speak for the central or eastern states since I have never drievn there except in summer months. But you shouldn't have any problems once you hit the Northwest. If you are coming to Washington via I-90, Snoqualmie Pass should be clear and easy driving at that time. It's a busy pass and is regularly maintained so, even in the heart of winter, this is usually the easiest pass to cross. The North Cascades Highway is the prettiest drive from the eastern part of Washington to the west side but it won't be open by then.

    If you are coming from a southern direction via Oregon, you shouldn't have any problems taking I-84 into Portland (and it's a beautiful drive along the Columbia River Gorge) then north to Bellingham via I-5.

    The only problem you should have up this way during April is rain. But we don't have slippery rodes from rain like California. It rains too much up here for oil build-up to be a problem.

    Best of luck on your new adventure!

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    ron Guest


    I drove boston ma to seattle wa and back 2 drivers 5 days
    and we stopped at 2 hotels

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    Default Gotta Ask

    Gotta ask == why? Sounds a little too extreme for me. How fast were you going?

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