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    Default Miami,FL to Boston,MA. 2 weeks

    Hello, I am planning a road trip from Miami, FL up to Boston,MA. I will be traveling with my wife only, and my goal is to visit as many important places as I can within the 2 weeks. I need to know what are the places which would require the most time, for example people have told me to reserve at least 3 days for new york, 2 days for D.C., etc. If anyone has ever done a trip like this your input would be very helpful.

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    Default Well...

    ....that depends on what your interests are, and what you consider "important".

    We spent a week in the D.C. area, and I wished that I had more time, though DC is best visited using the Metro rather than trying to drive within the city. It all depends on what specific sites you're interested in.

    Boston can be 'done' in a long day, as it is quite a compact city, though it's more enjoyable in the warmer months when you can walk the Freedom Trail, Public Garden, etc. in relative comfort. And, as in DC, the 'T' is probably the best way to get around. I find that every time I go, there's something else I'd like to see.

    Other places you may be interested in more or less along the New England route are RI's coastal mansions, Mark Twain's home in Hartford, CT, the drive along the Merrit Parkway in CT, Mystic Seaport & Aquarium in CT, Fall River, MA (Lizzie Borden), Old North Bridge in Concord, MA...the list could go on for hours.

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    Default 2 Weeks Roundtrip?


    The 2-week period is for a round trip? Well, if you really wanted to see all of the good stuff along such a route, it would easily require six months. But since most of us don't have that luxury of time... There are two books I can recommend (actually one is a CD) but they will provide a number of super tips for really enriching this trip. The first is a new <a href = "">guide to I-95</a> and a <a href = "" >walking tour</a> around Washington DC.

    What kinds of things interest you? The posters on this Forum are very aware and can probably provide incredible tips once we know what you are seeking on this trip.

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    Downtown Boston as a lot more to offer in terms of density of historical attractions, plus the ammenities of a large city right there.

    Granted, there is a lot of other historical stuff to check out in Concord and Lexington (I drive right through Concord center every day on my commute to work), but Boston proper is probably a better bet. Concord may be good for a day trip while spending 2 other days in Boston.

    There is plenty to see along the coast in VA also. I am a fan of Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, and Monticello to name a few.

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