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    I am planning in May to visit West Texas and the Big Bend area but accomodation looks difficult as the nearest motels are well away from the park. Does anyone have experience of lodging there and any advice?

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    Default This is not Disneyland


    One of our favorite places in the world is the Big Bend area. But this is not Disneyland -- the area includes a certain element of raw beauty. While you are there, be sure to check out the fine dining and musical entertainment of the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua.

    John Troesser wrote a <a href = "">short article</a> about Terlingua. Alpine is probably your best best for motels. Alpine is about 80 miles north of Terlingua and there are about six of the national motel chains there.

    It has been a couple of years since I was in town, but I recall a small motel in town that although rustic was pretty nice. It is not listed on the Internet so, you will have to go and check it out. Many visitors use RV's for lodging -- you might want to consider that option as well -- beautiful campgrounds in the national park.

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