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    Default Pompano Beach, Florida

    Does anyone here know the Pompano Beach area in South Florida area very well ?? Is it a crappy beach town or a nice community ? Compare it to a beach town in Southern California. My idea of it is like a sleepy sun drenched San Clemente type place. Any Recommendations for a motel in Pompano ? I'm lookin for somethin near the beach, under or around $50, and easy to find. The White Coral Motel, Sun N Surf Motel, Sunset Motel, Coral Shell Motel are a few places I have in mind but I'm not sure what Motel prices go for on a saturday night in July ? Anyone help me out ?

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    Default July in Florida?


    Sorry, I have not been there. July in Florida? I hope you enjoy humidity!

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    Sarah Rodgers Guest

    Default some ideas...

    I live in orlando for college...but my family lives in ft. lauderdale. LoL...pompano is pretty nice, you make it out to be so bad. :o) I'm not sure what hotel to stay at...but $50 or less won't get you any place that great. But, like I said...the beaches are nice. Ok, so san diego might be a little nicer, but FL is good too. (my dad lived in california)

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