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    Default Weekend trip

    Just got back from a weekend trip to Laughlin. If anyone likes to explore some interesting places in their car, I highly recommend joining a car rally. We started in Laughlin, NV, and took highways, streets, and dirt roads leading to the west rim of the grand canyon where we were able to watch the professional rally racers compete, and we were provided with lunch from the Hualapi (sp?) Indians right at the edge of the grand canyon. And I'm not kidding when I say the edge of the Grand Canyon, it's possible to drive right off the edge if you're too busy looking at the view. Along the way, we traveled along route 66 (bought a bottle of "Route 66 Beer", met some very nice locals, saw some interesting stops like Chloride, AZ (half ghost town, half tourist stop) and Mitchell Caverns (The cheapest cave tours around, $4 per person, and a funny guide too), and Amboy Crater (Follow the advice on the sign and don't hike up the edge during high winds). I would've liked to travel more of route 66 on the way back (it criscrossed I-40 at multiple points) but it was getting late so we hopped back on the interstate at Barstow. It's the little stops at random places that makes the trip more interesting.

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    Default Great Report!

    Great field report. Did you take a look at Roy Purcell's murals up at <a href = "">Chloride</a>?

    What was the rally group you were observing?


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