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    robert ron Guest

    Default new jersey to florida


    I'm planning to drive from new jersey to florida this christmas,december 2003 and iam worried abt the weather forecast for snow etc.,

    do you guys have any idea how severe the weather/snow fall will be for the states NJ,PA,WV,VA,DE,MD&NC from december 22-30 from the previous years?

    if some has drove this route on christmas,please help me with your info/advice.

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    If I could predict such things, I'd be a billionaire.

    You'll be driving as well-traveled a road as there is in the country. I wouldn't worry about snow and ice too much, I-95 is very well kept in most areas.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Default There is a brand new guide -- you should get

    There is a brand new road guide to I-95 that will provide ample ideas and tips for your drive. For more information, <a href = "">click here</a>.

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    bibi baksh Guest

    Default NJ to Florida in March 04

    I am planning a road trip from NJ-Orlando Fl. I have 5 days to spare and planning to leave on a Friday night.
    I have driven from NJ-VA Beach before 2 years ago..You know of any changes to roads ETC..??

    Thanks Bibi

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    Default Drive I-95

    The best news and most up-to-the-moment information can be found on the site that is a companion to the book mentioned in the thread below.

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