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    Default Boston -> ??? Need Advice!!!

    I'm based in Boston and want to make a road trip with my wife between Dec 24th to Jan 4th. I've already been to NY, Washington, Chicago and looking to new cover some new territory.

    I drive a toyota camry. It has skid control and I'll get snow tires before starting the trip. Though I plan to wait out any snowstorms insted of driving through it.

    Any ideas regarding destinations and other do's and don'ts are welcome.


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    Default Take a coastal route down the East Coast

    Since your best chance to avoid Snow or ice will be to stay as close to the coast as possible. Great time of year to see areas that are normally clogged with traffic in the summer. Maybe US 13 from Delaware over the Chesapeake Bay bridge and tunnel system into the Norfolk, Virginia area and beyond. While everyone else is racing up and down I95 and getting in each other's way, you'll be tooling along enjoying the countryside.

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    Default Have you thought about Canada?

    What about taking a trip up to Montreal or other parts of Canada? Have you explored those areas?

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    Yup. Already been to the Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal :-D So I'm trying to head southwards this time. Not sure I wanna drive as far as Florida. I just have 11 days for the whole trip. So I'm looking for some places in Mid-Atlantic, NC, SC, TN, and nearby states etc which are enjoyable in winter.


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    Go with Gary's suggestion - Virginia's Eastern Shore area is quite serene, and the bridge-tunnel is just fun to travel on!

    Plus, there's a Stuckey's on that road - as we all know ;-), anyplace with a Stuckey's has to be good!

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