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Thread: from nz to usa

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    Default road trip from nz to usa

    me and 2 possibly 3 other friends are planning on taking a road trip around the usa next year. it'll be our first time in the US and it will be a big change from little old new zealand. we'll be there around christmas time. thing is all we know is that we want to go to san francisco, LA and new york. wouldnt mind fitting some more places into it as well but cant think of where to go first. also i need some help with places to go, things to see and cheap as places to stay at. if you ahve any ideas or suggestions they are all very welcome. cheers!

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    Default More information please

    You planning a one-way or a round trip? In other words, will you be arriving and departing from the same gateway city, or perhaps arrive in LA and depart from NY?

    What are your interests? Scenery? Recreation and sports activities? National Parks? Nightlife? Culture? All of it?

    Give us more data, please!

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