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    rk Guest

    Default minneapolis to albany by car-pls guide.

    Hi everybody,

    Hope u all are enjoying every bit of this snow time! Becaz i am !
    Actually this is my first visit to US during winters:)

    Well, me n my husband have planned to travel from Minneapolis to Albany by a rented car, sometime around 20th of Dec.We have a lot of luggage with us ,hence cannot travel by air. PLease guide me with tips and precautionary measures while travelling by car.

    My main concern is what if on our way ,there is a snow storm or alike?Any forecast sites ???
    What are the places where we can stop on our way to rest or for food , as this is our first trip to albany by road?
    Is it really a good idea to travel by road at this time of the year( due to snow fall)?

    We have opted for travelling by car caz of the luggage we have- 4 check-in bags and 2 carry-ons.( we had come from india and our flight from London to New York was cancelled due to a huge snow storm.Now that we are in minneapolis, this amount of luggage is not allowed on domestic flights.Hence we opted for travelling by road.

    PLs guide me.Need all the advice u guys have.


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    Default Extra charge tariffs?

    I'm not sure, but you might ask the airlines what extra charge would be levied to get them to take the additional luggage -- maybe it would be worth it. Not trying to talk you out of a road trip, but that might be a possibility. Have you asked them that question? That said, it is my opinion that a road trip is ALWAYS more fun! Well, almost always.

    Some of our eastern experts may be able to help with winter driving tips (and maybe a better choice of routes?), plus you can get some advice by using the search function. I am a western boy and there is a difference between winter conditions in the mid-west and east, and in the intermountain west where I live and drive, so my advice on that topic is limited. The character of our weather and storms is different, and even the road maintenance "culture" is different in the west, I suspect. Especially in the southwest, we tend to view winter storms as a special treat. I'm absolutely certain my eastern and mid-western brothers and sisters have a different point of view! :)

    If the roads are cold, wet and icy, the number one rule is to SLOW DOWN and drive as SMOOTHLY as possible. No sudden turns, no sudden braking, nothing that causes abrupt changes in any aspect of vehicle control. Your traction is tenuous, concentrated on 4 little 6X6 inch patches of tire tread, and you must do nothing to break the grip. Make sure you get some advice on what kind of survival/emergency kit to carry for cold weather, and make sure you have those items. Don't forget the basics -- like drinking water.

    You can find good information about those things on this website. Finally, don't get a case of get-there-itis, a disease common to many of us! If the weather is questionable, stop and wait it out, unless you are fully prepared for the adventure and the possibilities. Weather delays don't last forever, unless YOU act foolishly.

    Your choice of route is probably going to be fairly basic this time of year -- you're probably wanting to get there as quickly and directly as possible? I'd take the interstate down to Chicago, then follow I-80/90 across Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania to SR17 across New York to I-88 and then follow that to Albany (I'd have a completely different suggestion if it was any time other than winter!). You can follow a parallel route if you want to avoid the toll road parts of my suggested route -- and again, maybe some folks from that area have a better idea about routing. I've been up there a few times, but I'm no expert.

    Hope you enjoy your trip, and remember, keep the shiny side up! Bob

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    imported_Transplanted Midwesterner Guest

    Default Extra Bags?

    Like Bob, I wouldn't want to talk anyone out of a road trip, but your baggage shouldn't be an issue on an airplane. Each person is allowed 2 checked bags and one carry-on (at least for every airline I've ever flown on). Since it is you and your husband, four bags shouldn't be a problem at all. Even if it is four bags each, they will just charge you an extra fee for the bag ($50 I think) but they'll still let you bring it. I would think that would still be much cheaper than a one way car rental.

    If you do decide to drive you'll be taking I-94 meeting up with I-90 near Tomah, Wisconsin. I-90 will take you the rest of the way to Albany (via Chicago, Cleveland, and Buffalo). Since the route goes right along the Great Lakes there is a good chance you'd run into snow, but you can always check the forecast on tv, radio, or to find out what you'll be running into.

    And just because I'm curious, How did you end up in Minneapolis if your flight from London to New York was cancelled?

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    Default ALBANY

    RK The Red Roof Inn on Wolf Rd. is near the airport clean and a good price, near many places to eat, and good book stores to sit read magazines and drink coffee. Albany has three major hwys. intersecting with each other. Get a map for easy travel. GEO.F.

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