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    Okay, I'm going to visit a friend in LA over the weekend, she has to work on monday and I don't want to hang around her house all day until she gets home. I'd like to take a trip from LA to Mexico. Never been and thought it's only about 4 hours why not? Do you have any advise for me? All your help is appreciated.



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    Personally, I would park on the American side and walk across. That's my only advice, except that I prefer smaller towns than larger. If you feel like more of a drive, try Algodones instead, over by Yuma. That said, some folks enjoy Tijuana too.

    Don't drink the water, or anything made with it if it's not boiled thoroughly (like ice) and the problem is, how do you know? Just don't do it. Pepto Bismal does NOT cure that particular problem, or even come close, no matter WHAT the label says. Trust me on this one!

    Drink bottled soft drinks, water, BEER (Tecate or Dos Equis are good), etc, no problem. Be careful what you choose, but do try the local food -- one of my favorite things is the street-side taco stands -- you sit at a "bar" and order, then dress your tacos with vegetables and salsa right off the counter. They're cheap (sometimes several for a dollar), and delicious!

    If you're shopping, don't pay the up-front asking price for ANYTHING. They'll think you're a chump if you don't bargain with them. And please bring me back one of those neat, colorful blankets...

    Roberto de Phoenix

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